Forbes Editor Joins World Class Lineup At Dare Mighty Things

Editor's note: Do you want to be inspired? Join us at Dare Mighty Things on Oct 29th in Chicago to hear 10+ stories from the world's most influential innovators.

Do you read Forbes? It's one of the most influential business publications on the planet.

That's why we're extremely excited to welcome Alex Knapp as the latest addition to our world class speaker lineup at Dare Mighty Things.

Alex is an associate editor at Forbes, where he writes about the future of science, technology, and culture.

Many of the people & ideas he writes about align with the type of bold thinking it takes to Dare Mighty Things.

It's how the the Wright Brothers thought when they began their quest to fly.

It's how NASA thought when they set out to send humans to the Moon.

It's also the type of thinking that led Elon Musk to share his vision of a self sustaining city on Mars.

Alex will be conducting a fireside chat with one of our 10+ world class speakers this Fall at Dare Mighty Things

You'll hear their stories creating world changing innovations....and how they never gave up.

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That is the purpose of Dare Mighty inspire you.

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Join us Oct 29th in Chicago to hear 10+ inspiring stories from the world's most influential innovators who never gave up.

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